Photo Hunt: Art

by tracy on June 8, 2007

I got a message last week from Mimi about the Blogblast for Peace. She suggested that I make a Peace Globe for my Photo Hunt entry this week, and I would have if:

  1. I had been able to figure out how to do it, and
  2. I had been able to find the time to post anything.

Better late than never.  I am happy for an opportunity to use this photo I took with my phone one day while I was sitting on my neighbor’s stoop.

A peace van! It brought back so many memories of a time when I thought nothing of hopping in the car and driving cross country, or across Europe,  ready willing and able to spread the word that would change the world: Cut out the bullshit!

I was so thrilled to see it–and to see it on West 11th Street was strangely gratifying. West 11th Street used to be…well, let’s see. In 1970, a block east of where I live now, some members of the Weather Underground were making bombs in the basement of their “safehouse,”  a brownstone that belonged to one of their parents, and blew the place up.

These days West 11th Street is more famous as the location of the Magnolia Bakery, where tourists stand in line for hours to buy crappy cupcakes just because the bakery  was a location on Sex & the City!
I want to scream at them, “Why are you standing in line for cupcakes. You should be trying to overthrow the government.”

Times have changed. Life used to imitate art. Now it imitates TV.

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TNChick July 11, 2007 at 3:57 pm

Neat bus! I like that… hehe

I like the Cooper, too…

Bogdan, the editor August 23, 2008 at 4:05 pm

Where you at?

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